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Here is an awesome video of my new Avatar… yea it’s lame for now… but I plan to make her better!!! (and interesting)




Top 3 DCIM videos

The last post:
First I want to thank everyone for the awesome feedback and such a great semester. This class was an awesome learning experience.



It was really difficult to choose between the top 2 videos! I really loved “DIY DCIM Trailer” and “DIY Video Final.” SO I’M SAYING IT’S A      TIE!!!!!!!


This video was short and sweet. It was great video quality and had some humor as well. It did not go over the specifics of the minor but


it got me interested to check it out. I really liked the part when it begins showing all the things Sarah is interested in. There were many

angles and different and interesting backgrounds to this video that made it so dynamic. I was immediately won over just because of the interesting backgrounds. The video was very professional. And yet, there was enough humor to make it unique. The beginning with the movie rating is hilarious. These students did an awesome job!


“DIY Video Final”

These boys did an excellent job. Talk about professional-THEY GOT ANNIE GILBERT! lol Once I saw that I immediately thought that the video was the best. The only reason why I thought it to be might be second was because it was a little long. This is what makes me so frustrated (and why I decided on a tie between the two) because this video captured every aspect of the minor and I

Annie Gilbert

LOVED THAT! The camera angle as being “1st person” was a perfect idea. The video editing was wonderful; I especially liked the transitions from outside to inside the SC&I building. Then once Evan walks down the hallway and we begin the tour I was immediately interested. I might have lost some interest when they kept going back and forth. I understood what they were doing and the point they were making but maybe just showing once that we interact virtually and take notes in class would have shortened the video.
THE SECOND LIFE BIT WAS AWESOME! Not many people know that there is an entire class about that! And again to end with Annie was the icing on the cake. Great  job boys!


The third best video:
“Storm Troopers Final Video”

Yes this is my video but yes, I believe it is third. The other videos just did not capture my interest as much as these three listed videos did. I honestly watched our video as the list played through and found myself being sold rather than analyzing anything we may have

The Storm Troopers

The Storm Troopers

left out. The video is only about 2 minutes- short. There is a small story of frustration like  “DIY DCIM TRAILER” and there is a portion that reveals hope in the description of the minor. I especially love the part where we zoom in and out of the computers and tablets. It’s fun and interesting. You would never get anywhere in life if you sell yourself short. I do not believe that our video is the best but I think it is part of the top three! It is dynamic and simple at the same time.





All in all I enjoyed all the hard work everyone put into their videos! Good luck to everyone! 🙂

Bye guys!


❤ DYar

DCIM Promo Final Video: Storm Troopers

So here is our video!

Blogging on WordPress

This is for our project.

Storm Troopers Group Project-The process so far!

First of all I have to admit how unbelievably overwhelmed I was when we started this project. After Hurricane Sandy hit, we were out of power for more than 10 days! Cori was also out of power and it was very difficult to communicate with Jen and Grace when our phones were dying everyday. After many irrational freak-outs on my family and boyfriend, I finally had a revelation in the library one night!

The Storm Troopers


My creative juices were flowing. I couldn’t stop coming up with ideas. And then when I presented them to the rest of the group they were more than accepting. Together we started sharing and modifying ideas! Before we knew it, we had developed a script and started filming immediately. We are barely on Thanksgiving break and we have most of our video filmed.

I have to say: I HATE group projects! But these girls are AWESOME! We all just sort of click and are having a great time acting/directing and developing this video. I can’t wait to finish editing it and also to get approval from Annie. If Annie does not like our idea or wants to see more I feel like we have more than enough material to modify to her liking. I feel like our group is completely capable to role with the punches!!!

If this was a game… I’d say, “WE WIN!”


Which video is better?

Watch this video that I made in class today and decide on which video you would rather watch of my adorable dog!!!

I Love her!! ❤

❤ DYar

Screencasting: Reviewing a Blog

This project was definitely fun!!!! I love making videos and learning about screencasting was something I have wanted to know how to do for a year or two now!! I was really happy to do this and actually managed to do this in about a half hour. I probably took longer thinking of exactly what I wanted to say. As I’ve said before, I have this tendency to keep re-recording so that it sounds just right!

I’m such a dork sometimes. So the only thing that gave me a hard time was time itself. I had to work and had a pretty busy schedule all

week, so I kind of waited until the last minute. (Plus I also probably focused too much on making my pet video that was supposed to be like 2 minutes. If you haven’t seen that yet you HAVE TO check out my previous post. It’s frickin’ adorkable!!)

Anyway so I quickly did this project so that I could post it by midnight. And I have 5 minutes to finish!!! AHHHHH!! lol

And as I reviewed it for the 5th time, I didn’t notice how abrupt the music fades out 😦 Sorry it isn’t better. But it is still fun and I LOVE the music.

Click on the link to hear more of their music





So here is the final project:



❤ DYar

Check out this adorable video of my dog!!!

Here is a video of my dog. Please comment and rate!





moe. Podcast

Hey everyone!

So this week I made a little mix of my two favorite songs by my favorite band: moe. If you have never heard of moe. I hope  I hope that this little preview of their music will give you a small experience that shows you what they are all about.

moe. is an Improvisational Rock band! They are not in mainstream music but they definitely have a LARGE following of people. There are a few festivals that they host a year like snoe.down: a winter festival, Summer Camp: a start of summer festival, moe.down: the main summer festival, and throe.down: their tropical festival.

My music editing experience: 

The first song that I chose is Rebubula. This was a studio version and the original length was 11:28. I spliced the beginning and ending together, eliminating the second verse and any “jamming” in between. This song is now 3 minutes! The second song is Plane Crash. This version was live and the original length was 13 minutes. I also spliced this song and it is now 10 minutes  I couldn’t bring myself to chopping this one up. This is my favorite song!

I really had a hard time with this project. I wish that I had garage band at home. I ended up downloading something similar called Audacity.  It does everything that we learned in class but it does not have the same function of stopping the cursor at the spot that you want it to stop. If you select a spot for it to start playing the cursor remains there while also traveling through the song. If you tell the song to stop and then play again, it will start playing from the spot that you originally selected. Maybe there is a way to make the cursor actually follow you but I just did not know. This made the splicing difficult because I really really REALLY had to zoom in and listen carefully to eliminate what I did not want.

The fading was as easy as pie! When I recorded my voice I tried to zone in on my inner radio voice. I actually worked at a radio station over the summer and that part was not as difficult. I used some of the skills I picked up from that experience to eliminate the dead air in between breaths so that it sounds better. The only thing that took forever on this part was deciding what I wanted to say. I rerecorded so many commercials while working at the radio just because I did not like the pitch of my voice in certain spots. This was similar.

“On Air, Online, On your cellphone station- Thunder 102”

And just in case anyone has NOT noticed yet, I have a radio/pen/artist name that is DYar. There is a long story behind this name although it seems like I simply took my first initial and the beginning of my last name and created a shortened version. It actually has deeper meaning but we won’t get into that. So I decided, why not make this DYar’s Podcast.

Hope you all enjoyed 🙂

❤ DYar



If I ever see the word “Buffering” again I’ll probably scream. That stupid music contraption that you just played took FOREVER to make work! I was so confused as to why I did not have a public folder in dropbox.com. I researched and found that public folders were GONE! But rather than immediately asking Aaron for help I spent 3 days trying to come up with the correct mp3 address. When every thing failed I went to him and he rescued me (and I imagine all of us!) So thanks Aaron and NOW… I hope you enjoy lol.


My Custom Header Experience

Hey guys,

First of all, those of you who have visited my page before may notice a slight* change! I KNOW! I had to change my entire theme in order to create a custom header (without paying extra fees). I really loved my old theme and it was hard parting with it, but I really love the way my new theme has turned out. I was able to adjust the widgets so that they are on the left rather than the right like the defaulted to be more like my first blog. I also was able to adjust the colors of the titles of the widgets. Before they were lime green it looked HIDEOUS with my new header. So now they are purple and I am happy :-).

So, the header process:

Original Pictures:

Image 1

Image 2


Using Pixlr really was not that difficult for me because I have Photoshop and am used to all the little tricks and capabilities. Pixlr is slightly different so I did have to figure a few things out and nothing came natural to me. I do have to say that I really did not develop my header in class. When I create things I typically never use what I first made. I like to walk away from it and then develop off of what I have created. I ended up making 2 base designs and 3 headers.

When I was in class on Thursday I decided to just find some pictures to use in my header and simply get a feel of something that I would like. I did not have my new theme yet and I did not want to waste class time looking for one and fall behind. I started to make something that was closely related to the theme I had before. I love butterflies and swirls and those things really are prominent in my artistic life. So I looked for those images. Thanks to Shiningsoulyoga.com and Baby-shower-party.com I got my butterfly and a cool fiery flower swirl thing. But in my first phase I also used a butterfly from Top News.


Phase 1

As I said I did not have the new theme yet so I simply made a square image. When I got home I hated it naturally. I then looked for my new theme and as Aaron mentioned a thousand times in class that the header would be a rectangle I knew that I was going to have to do something about this awful square. I started thinking something along the lines of a tessellation  I tried putting a repeating the image across a banner with large tiles and small tiles and medium ones in between but it really needed something more. I even started layering the top butterfly and flower piece as washout images in the background. I don’t think that I even kept that design. I really just was there as a piece to get more ideas off of it.

So I slept on it. I woke up this morning and thought the tessellation ideas was terrible and started working with just the purple butterfly and the base of the flower flame thing. I began “cutting and pasting” and layering and adding embossing effects with drop shadows, inner glows, and outer glows. It really started to form on its own. Image

I ended up with this awesome header but I knew it needed more. I next went to my original header that came with the theme. I know that the image is a little small but if you can see, there are dots and a rainbow in the background and I really wanted to incorporate that! I print-screened this page and began layering again and finally ended up with that as my background with the swirl/leaf thing and the purple butterfly.

Of course I thought that there was still something missing. There was a leaf but there was not any flower bud. I had to get that part of the original photo apart of my new artwork. I cut each pedal of the flower out and started to apply texture and all the same effects as I did to the leaf and butterfly. Another adjustment I made was to make the image Satin and I applied a color overlay of red. I needed just a little bit of a bold color to make it pop. By layering and rotating 3 or 4 of those 5 pedals I created a flower type image behind the butterfly.

Now the image seemed to complete. I applied the header and DAMN! The title and tagline looked awful over top. I obviously needed that so I tried changing the color but it still did not look right. I decided to simply add a layer of my Title and tagline to the top of my image in Photoshop (sorry Pixlr, but Photoshop is my baby and I love it more!) and upload that final image. In my options on my dashboard I was able to not show my Title and tagline because then it would be redundant and an awkward overlap. I adjusted the font to something more suitable and …


Hope everyone enjoyed!

❤ DYar